Rochelle Geer

Young Adults Pastor

Pastor Rochelle was born and raised in Willmar, Minnesota. She has attended The AG Church in Willmar her entire life. After graduating high school, she attended North Central University (NCU) via the satellite campus partnered with The AG Church. While going to school, she interned with the Epik YTH Department for nearly two years. During that time in July 2022, Rochelle was hired as the Young Adult Coordinator. She graduated from NCU with a degree in church leadership in December of 2022. Rochelle has a passion for creating environments where young adults can encounter the Spirit of God in a new way and grow a deeper understanding of the love of Christ.

Fun fact: Music is a huge part of Rochelle’s life! She has played piano since she was 7 years old.

Pastor Rochelle’s One-Minute Witness:

“There was a time in my life when I constantly felt anxious and unsure of who I was. I allowed my emotions to be my compass for all my decision-making, searching on how to be ‘enough.’ This insecurity affected how I treated others and myself. I grew up very involved with Sunday morning and Wednesday evening church activities! Because my parents made this decision for me, it gave me a firm foundation and knowledge of who Jesus is. I remember giving my heart to Jesus at VBS when I was around five years old, but it was when I was a freshman in high school that I truly surrendered control of my life to Jesus. Since then, I have been led by His plan for my life. Experiencing the love of my Savior has allowed me to be made complete in Him. If I had never met Jesus, I would have been living without peace, joy, and the love of a Heavenly Father!”