Peter Johnson

Technical Director

Peter started as the Technical Director at The AG Church in Willmar in January 2013. He studied music and recording arts at North Central University where he met his wife, Lauren. They have three children.

Fun Fact: Peter has been teaching guitar for 10 years.

Peter’s One-Minute Witness:

“I grew up coming to church every Sunday and Wednesday evening and our family was very involved with the church. I am thankful for such a rich spiritual heritage, but learned as I came into my teenage years that I needed to decide to follow Christ and His commands for myself. I made the choice to follow Jesus and was baptized when I was in high school. Since choosing to follow Jesus, I have enjoyed a life of purpose and growth. I have been able to lean on Jesus and His promises even when life doesn’t go my way. If I had not made the choice to follow Jesus, I think I would be searching for meaning in life without knowing where to turn when I struggle.”