Michelle Markwardt

Event Coordinator

Michelle previously led the KidsworldJr. ministry from 2013-2022 and now serves as the Event Coordinator overseeing the church calendar, events, and church kitchen and helps with any other administrative projects. Michelle Is married to Pastor Ben
and they have two amazing boys, Matthew and Jeremiah. In her free time, she loves to read, especially anything by Karen Kingsbury or Robin Jones Gunn.

Fun Fact: Michelle grew up attending The AG Church and Ben and she were married in the EPIK building.

Michelle’s One Minute Witness:
There has never really been a time in my life where I did not know Jesus but He did not always have complete control over my life. I thought that I could love Him but still do things my own way. It wasn’t until I gave up complete control of my life to Him that things got clearer. Without giving up that control, I would not have attended North Central University, met my husband, or had our two amazing boys. I cannot imagine
where I would be without Jesus.