Manuel Flores

Creative Pastor

Pastor Manny grew up in Willmar, Minnesota, and attended Epik YTH as a teenager, so The AG Church in Willmar is home to him. He was hired as an intern with Epik YTH in 2013 and full-time as the Young Adults Director in 2017. He now has the privilege of serving as Creative Pastor. He has a passion for helping others improve themselves spiritually and physically. He married his best friend, Liz, in 2015. They have three beautiful children Linden (6), Vienna (3) Noelle (born April 2023)! They love spending time at parks and going on bike rides.

Fun fact: Manny really enjoys squatting over 500 pounds!

Pastor Manny’s One-Minute Witness:

“There was a time in my life when I was lost. I wasn’t listening to what God said and I was depending on ‘my’ strengths to get me through life and to the next level. I had grown up in the church but never had a strong relationship with Him. Eventually, I grew tired and could no longer continue down the same road. Fortunately, I had people around me who kept reminding me of God’s great love and because of those friends and their consistency in my life, I was able to recommit my life to God. Since then I’ve learned to depend on God’s strength. I have given God control over my decisions and live my life in a way that points others to Him. If I had never met Jesus, I probably would be roaming around with no direction or purpose.”