Alyssa Hoekstra

Missions Coordinator

Alyssa felt a call to ministry as a middle school student. First, a call to youth, and then a call to missions. She graduated from North Central University in 2018 with a degree in youth ministry and as a licensed AG minister. In January 2019, she married her husband, Derek, whom she met in 2017 at Family Camp at Lake Geneva Christian Center. Their beautiful, energetic daughter, Natali, was born in December 2021. After graduation, Alyssa worked for Youth for Christ in Willmar and she and Derek began attending The AG Church in Willmar. A couple of years later, Alyssa felt God asking her to take a step of faith and leave her job with YFC. Within the next week, Pastor Keith contacted her to work at The AG Church as the Young Adult Administrator and as the Distance Learning Coordinator during Covid for area students until they returned to their classrooms. In 2022 in line with her call to missions, Alyssa took over the role of Missions Coordinator. She is in regular contact with the missionaries The AG Church supports and encourages them as they go into the field. “They cannot go if they are not sent” (see Romans 10:15).

Fun Fact: Derek, Alyssa and Natali enjoy being outside—camping, biking, and boating. Alyssa learned American Sign Language in college to communicate with a classmate who is still one of her best friends.

Alyssa’s One-Minute Witness:

I grew up as a pastor’s kid. I felt as if I always had to be perfect and happy. I thought people were watching to see if I would mess up. Trying always to be something I wasn’t (perfect) led to me feeling like a fake. All people saw was the person I was pretending to be. I was scared if they saw the real me, they would know how imperfect I really was, and I wouldn’t be accepted. I tried everything in my power to be a good Christian, but all that resulted from my efforts was anger because I wasn’t good enough. One day God spoke to me clearly and asked, ‘Do you like your life? Do you like who you are and the anger you have inside?’ My resounding answer was, ‘Not at all!’ He asked me to let Him in and live with His power, not mine. Jesus saw the real me behind my mask, and He wanted a deep, personal relationship with me! He helped me to stop being so concerned with the opinions of others and simply serve Him the best I can. I know I will mess up, but I also know God will love me no matter what—even if I’m not perfect. He took my anger away and allowed me to be the woman He created me to be. I am accepted by God! You can be too if you simply let Jesus in, and allow Him to lead your life instead of trying to do it all in your own strength.”