Worship Is Our Design

I have surrendered every part of my life to God because He is my highest priority.


Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

In 2008, Bob Kauflin wrote Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God, in which he sought to connect a biblical theology of worship with what worship leaders actually do on Sundays. Through the book, Bob builds congregational worship on biblical principles that transcend cultures, generations, and ethnic groups.

Given the encouragement that’s come in response to the book, Bob has recorded a 12-session training course as a supplement to Worship Matters. In this video series he teaches through a broad range of topics, from practical guidance on putting songs together, growing in spontaneity, and planning a service to spiritual topics like humility, comparison, and idolatry. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more practical, engaging, and pastoral tool for worship leaders, pastors, and anyone involved in music ministry in their local church.

The sessions can be viewed consecutively or separately, depending on what serves you. Watching these videos with friends or musicians at your church would be ideal, as your get to work through the content together. Outlines, transcripts, and subtitled versions in English (and Spanish, in the future) are available for download underneath each video.

We hope and pray this video series proves to be a helpful tool for you, your team, and your church in developing your gifts and increasing your love for our glorious Savior, Jesus Christ!

Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

Work as Worship by Nona Jones

Many of us find our work lives to be hollow and lacking in purpose, but the joy of worshipping God can be experienced even in our secularized work environment. In this six-session series, business executive and international speaker Nona Jones shares how our work carries deep spiritual significance and is directly tied to our identity as God’s people. Our work is not just a job—it is a mission.

Work as Worship

The Worship Dilemma by Aaron Short

In this series, we tackle the ongoing dilemma of who or what we worship in our lives and how what we worship can have the biggest impact in influencing our decisions and direction in life.

The Worship Dilemma

Worship's Missing Piece by Tom Kraeuter

Have you ever considered the possibility that your relationship with others in the Body of Christ could affect your relationship with God? Is it conceivable that our unity could impact our worship?

According to Scripture, there is a direct connection. In Worship’s Missing Piece, author and Bible teacher Tom Kraeuter offers six sessions for small groups, all focused on how our horizontal relationships affect the vertical one. You’ll encounter great stories, powerful anecdotes, quotable quotes, and practical teaching, all based on God’s Word.

The Participant’s Guide (order at www.worshipsmissingpiece.com) offers thorough outlines for each section, as well as discussion questions to help drive home the lessons. And, given the teaching style and the questions, we can pretty much guarantee some lively discussion after each lesson.

Worship’s Missing Piece

True Worship by John Piper

John Piper, teacher and Founder of DesiringGod.org, defines true worship. The key to praising Christ is prizing Him.

True Worship