Serving Is Our Privilege

I take the humble nature of a servant.


Serving God by Serving Others

How do you use your business to serve God? In this session from the 2015 C12 Leaders Conference, listen as Nathan Sheets, President of Nature Nate’s, and Brian Mosley, President of RightNow Media, describe the unique ways they are on mission to serve God by serving others.

Serving God by Serving Others

Dare to Serve by Cheryl Bachelder

Cheryl Bachelder joined an ailing restaurant chain and turned it into the darling of the industry—by daring to serve the people in her organization well. Servant leadership is sometimes derided as soft or ineffective, but this series shows that it’s actually challenging and tough minded—a daring path. In this 8-session series, Bachelder shows how a leader at any level can become a Dare-to-Serve leader.

Dare to Serve

Surrender Self: Challenge to Serve
The Bible teaches that God wants us to look beyond ourselves and make significant sacrifices for others. But is that something He wants teens to do, or just adults? In this training, Francis Chan discusses surrendering our lives to God in order to serve others.

Surrender Self: Challenge to Serve


Real Discipleship by Chip Ingram

In recent times, it seems like more and more Christians are falling into the traps of hypocrisy, scandal, and corruption. In this program, Chip continues his new series – “Real Discipleship: How Jesus Chose to Change the World.” He will focus on three pivotal questions Jesus asked His disciples that we need to answer too.

Real Discipleship