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Eswatini Village
Eswatini Village

In rural Eswatini, they do not have potable water and are forced to retrieve water from the dirty rivers. Children either do not go to school or they must walk many miles to get to one. Eswatini has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS per capita. There is a lack of food in these rural communities that leads to many malnourished children in their villages. Many of the children in these villages are being taken from their families and used in ritual offerings and sacrifices, as spell casting and witchcraft is very prominent in these rural areas. The goal is to build a church in a rural village of Eswatini. On this property, missionaries also plan on digging a water well, and building a preschool, garden, and soup kitchen to provide basic needs for the people in the village. This will open the door for our missionaries to share the gospel with people of rural Eswatini.



AG Foster Care Network

Annually more than 670,000 children pass through the modern foster care system. Last year, 61% of all children removed from their homes and placed into the foster care system was the result of parental neglect, and 34% are due to parental drug abuse. Children are growing up without healthy families. America has a family crisis robbing the souls and future of children. COMPACT is committed to compassionate action across our nation to stem the tide of the 400,000 vulnerable children in the foster care system. COMPACT has a goal to equip and resource the church over the next decade to reach and redeem at least 5% (20,000) of the daily modern orphan need in the United States.


Live Dead is an initiative to plant churches among unreached people groups (UPGs). With the mission of dying to self so that the 3 billion people without access to the gospel can hear about the love of Jesus, Live Dead missionaries serve on teams in the least reached places of the world. And they need our help to get the equipment and supplies they need!

Start Here

Take time to pray for our missionaries and the places God has called them to.

Come up with a goal and a deadline for when you want to reach your goal.

Strategize the details behind your plan and determine what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Use your skills and talents to find fun ways to raise money for missions

As you earn money for missions and bring it to church, be sure to track your giving progress. You can do this by creating a giving chart or using the one provided in your SOAP Journal.

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Share Your God Story

We know that God can move in miraculous ways! If you have a story where God did just that, please share it with us!