2023 BGMC Projects

Building Hospital - $65,000
Building Hospital - $65,000

In many areas across the world, access to quality healthcare is limited and frequently affected by dubious local or religious objectives. Together with World Serve International, BGMC will provide medical facilities and modern equipment to safeguard women and children.

Coats for Kids - $15 per coat
Coats for Kids - $15 per coat

Xieng Khuang is one of the few areas of Laos where temperatures drop to single digits in the winter. Kids at the life center there come from impoverished families who live in huts with no insulation. Warm coats will keep these kids safe and healthy.

Playground Sets - $20,000
Playground Sets - $20,000

Kids who live on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota suffer from poverty, hunger, high rates of suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and teen pregnancy. Missionaries Johnny and Heidi Wade bring a message of hope to kids by providing a safe and welcoming place to play.

Start Here

Take time to pray for our Missionaries and the places God has called them to.

Come up with a Goal and a deadline for when you want to reach your goal.

Strategize the details behind your plan and determine what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Use your skills and talents to find fun ways to raise money for missions

As you earn money for missions and bring it to church, be sure to track your giving progress. You can do this by creating a giving chart or using the one provided in your SOAP Journal.

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We know that God can move in miraculous ways! If you have a story where God did just that, please share it with us!