Pastor Aaron Rhodes & Hannah

Pastor Aaron Rhodes & Hannah

EPIK YTH Pastor  

Pastor Aaron and Hannah moved to Willmar in 2012 to serve as student ministries pastors. Aaron has a degree in church leadership from the Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Hannah is a cosmetologist. Aaron and Hannah were married in Tampa, Florida, in 2009 and welcomed their son Zane in 2013. Their youth ministry motto is "whoever loves this generation the most will have them." Their heart is to love students "the most" and lead students on a journey to reach their maximum potential and be who God created them to be. They enjoy having "house parties" with the students and friends. When arriving at their house you can find Aaron watching baseball or boxing and Hannah doing DIY projects.

Fun Fact: Aaron travels with a shoe bag.

Pastor Aaron's One-Minute Witness:

"Something I enjoy doing is learning people's stories. Would you mind if I share with you my story briefly? I grew up in a Christian home & loved playing sports, especially baseball. When I became a teenager I began to ask questions about life, faith & the purpose of my life.

"So I started having relationships with others and I refer to this time in my life as a 'want to be gangster.' I started to do drugs, sell drugs and have unhealthy relationships. I found myself in a dark place, rejecting Jesus, fighting with my family, and I just felt hopeless, even to the point of holding a gun to my head wanting to end it all. When I was 17 I found myself in jail facing 40 years in prison, being charged with armed robbery. With everything lost, I prayed a simple prayer in my jail cell, 'God, if You are real show me, because I need You!' From that moment on I have been on this amazing journey of following Jesus. Now I live life knowing about the unconditional love, and forgiveness God has for us all. If I had never met Jesus, I wouldn’t be able to live the dream I once had. That dream I had while in jail was, I just wanted to have a family & serve Jesus. Everyday I wake up and I get to do that! "