Liz Martin

Liz Martin

Communications Director

Liz joined the team as the Communications Director in the fall of 2017. Her job is to take whatever the church is saying and decide how its being said, where its being said and tell you why it is being said! She explains herself as being "unqualified" for her job, but believes that caring about something deeply can take you a long way! When she is not communicating all of The AG things you can find her being a mama to her two kids, running or taking pictures! 

Fun Fact: Liz served as a full-time youth pastor for seven years!

Liz's One - Minute Witness:

"One of my favorite things to do is to hear other people's stories and share mine. Would you like to hear my story? There was a time in my life where I was searching for purpose and needed to feel important and validated by the things I did. I am a "doer." I was always busy doing things, and finding value in relationships, from guys to friends to work. Through a season of health complications, depression and anxiety I was no longer able to "do" and afraid all of the time. God showed me that he does not love us because we "do" but simply because "we are" and that we cannot earn his love. He just freely gives it. Even though he allows pain, he will not waste it. If I had never met Jesus, I would be tired, afraid and always striving to perform but now I can rest in his peace and trust that there is a huge purpose in every season he leads me into!"