Leonard Jergenson

Leonard Jergenson

Facilities Director

In 1985 Leonard gave his life to Jesus after 5 years of medical problems and a major surgery. He has been serving Him ever since. Leonard started serving at The AG Church in Willmar in January of 2015. He has been married to his beautiful wife Brenda since 1988 and together they have adopted 3 children as infants. Leonard has a huge heart for helping people and loves being around fellow believers! He also has a passion for helping with the Royal Ranger program. Basically he keeps the church running!

Fun Fact: In the past, Leonard has mushed Siberian Huskies and raced cars. 

Leonard's One-Minute Witness:

"Can I tell you about something in my life that changed me?

"I had a medical problem that kept me from all physical activities in school. For seven years I had blood in my urine. I would spend days, then weeks in the hospital being tested and looked at by doctors until it would stop. Then I would be discharged, only to have the bleeding start again. By my junior/senior years in high school, I was receiving blood on a regular basis. The doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery and I agreed if I could finish school and get my diploma.

"In June of 1985, I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The night before my surgery the doctor came in to my room and stated three things that might happen: 1) They would find the problem and fix it. 2) I would come out on a kidney dialysis machine. 3) I would die on the table.

"The third one scared me. Being brought up knowing of God, but never knowing God, I cried out that night: 'Lord, if You heal me, I will follow You for the rest of my life.' At that point I made Jesus Christ my personal Savior and Lord.

"You can know my healing, forgiving, loving Jesus right now by asking Him into your life. He is real and you will never be the same again!!!"