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Bruce and Priscille Schoeman

Encore Pastor
Pastor Bruce has served as the Encore Pastor at The AG Church in Willmar since 2005. His varied work experience includes business administrator, event manager for Lowell Lundstrom Ministries, advertising executive, consultant and board member for regional, national and international ministries. Recently, God prompted Pastor Bruce to lead what has become known as Encore – His mission is to encourage adults and help them discover and embrace God’s purpose for the next stage of life.
Fun Fact: Pastor Bruce has won the Faster Pastor Race at KRA in Willmar multiple times!
Pastor Bruce's One-Minute Witness:
"There was a time in my life when I was angry and lonely and worried about my future. Then one day a friend explained how I could have a relationship with God thru faith in Jesus Christ. But I knew how I was living and didn’t think God would want any part of me. My friend explained how much Jesus loved me because He left a perfect home in heaven with His loving Father to come to a fallen world and broken people to live His life and give His life to pay the price for my sin. When I realized what Jesus had done for me I asked Him into my heart.
"Over time He took my anger and gave me His peace, He took my loneliness and gave me His presence. I felt I could trust Him for my future rather than worrying about all the things I was concerned about.
"If I hadn’t asked Christ into my heart at that time I don’t know if I’d be alive today because of how I was living and the choices I was making. The same Jesus who lives in my heart loves you very, very much."