Our Mission is to reach people for Jesus and lead them to become His fully devoted followers. 

Our strategy is simple!

Come to church

Sunday Services: 9:00 & 10:45 a.m.

Church is meant to be a regular boost in your relationship with Jesus that also allows you to experience what it means to be part of the family of God. It’s a place to learn, celebrate, encourage, and help each other as you seek God with the Willmar AG Family. Make it a priority to attend every weekend. If you miss a Sunday, watch the message online.

Grow in a group

Spiritual growth and life change happen when you're connected to a smaller group of people who are also pursuing God. Our church  offers several Life Groups and Classes based on life stage, location, and interest that are ready to welcome you. Find out more.

Serve others

Personal growth often happens when we serve others like Jesus did. Find a few areas that interest you and check them out. Go ahead and try a few things before you decide what fits the best. Find out more.

We believe the Bible is verbally inspired by God and the Scriptures are:

  1. God's revelation of Himself to mankind.
  2. Infallible—they're never wrong in their true intention.
  3. The divine, authoritative guide for our faith and manner of living.

We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God and subscribe to their 16 fundamental truths. Find out more.

OUR Values

Connecting faith with life! With God's help we will live...

... a life of worship: seeing what God is worth; giving Him what He's worth

... a life of growth: growing in the grace and knowledge of God's book

... a life of service: serving people in a broken world

... a life of fellowship: creating vital relationship with each other

... a life of rescue: taking as many people with us to heaven as we can

Core Values of a DISCIPLE

Do everything in love. 

I don't have to, I get to. 

Seek to understand before seeking to be right. 

Compassion is a bridge over which truth is carried. 

I am free to fail so I am free to succeed. 

Praise in public, rebuke in private. 

Leave it better than you found it. 

Everyone matters to God.


Willmar Assembly of God belongs to the worldwide fellowship of Assembly of God churches.  Currently the Assemblies of God USA and Assemblies of God organizations around the world make up the world's largest Pentecostal denomination with some 67 million members and adherents.

The Assemblies of God holds to a conservative, evangelical and Arminian theology as expressed in the Statement of Fundamental Truths and Position Papers, which emphasize such Core Doctrines as Salvation, Divine Healing,  Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the Second Coming of Christ.