October is Pastoral Appreciation Month

A Message from the Deacons

Our pastoral staff and their families are a key to our church’s future, whether it be growth, discipleship, evangelism, or social concerns. How much better could they perform and lead if they knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they and their families were loved, supported and lifted up by their congregation.

Below, are suggestions for showing love and support. Try one or try them all; the key is to look for, and do, creative things to show how much you love them. We all gain considerable benefit by keeping our mind, eyes and ears open for opportunities to encourage and show love to our pastoral staff. Likewise, suggestions for the pastors apply equally to other staff members, missionaries, etc.

1. Let your pastors know when you have received a real spiritual insight or breakthrough as a result of their teaching or preaching.

2. Write the spouses and/or children a note telling them what you like about your pastors.

3. Drop them a note or funny card just to brighten their day.

4. Offer to watch the children of the pastors so they can go on date with their spouse.

5. Don’t say negative things about them in front of your children or others. Model appropriate behavior, talk directly to that specific pastor when you have a concern.

6. Keep a tight rein on your personal expectations of the pastoral family and the church staff.

7. Invite others to church. Nothing says “You are doing a great job” louder than asking your friends and business acquaintances to visit. Then introduce them to the pastors after the service.

8. Ask, ask and ask again - “How can I help you?”

9. Allow the spouses the privilege of being just who they are. Don’t place expectations on them that reflect former staff. Love, learn from, seek their advice, help them when needed.

10. Include the ministry family in your activities outside church - golf, dinner, concerts, picnics - but give them the right to decline.

11. Check your spirit constantly to see if you are manipulative in any way in your desires for the church.

12. Be real and honest around the pastoral familes. Take off your mask.

13. Treat pastors’ kids in a natural way. They are real and struggling children, just as yours. When possible, include them in activities with your children.

14. As much as possible - protect your pastors’ privacy.


        a. Attend services regularly.

        b. Pray for your church, your pastors and their families and the staff and their families.

        c. Find at least one area of service that your talents, gifts or desires can be used in.

        d. Be teachable - always open to learning and new experiences with the Lord.

        e. Forget the seven deadly words, “We have always done it this way.”

        f. Look for opportunities daily to tell people about your church and what you like about it.

        g. Always look for opportunities to tell people about Jesus, who He is and what He can do in their lives. Share what He has done in your life.