NIGHT OF MUSIC '17: TWO From Galilee

The 53rd annual Nights of Music are here! This year's production Two From Galilee is a fully staged musical set in Bible times. This is the story of two real people whose lives were touched by God: two people chosen by God to provide an earthly home for His Son. Here are Mary and Joseph--a teenage girl and a young carpenter--alone, frightened, in love, faced with family conflict, a hostile world and an awesome responsibility. It is a story for young and old alike; for everyone who finds the Christmas tale a source of timeless beauty and wonder.

Make sure to join us for this special evening by getting tickets for your family online (or at the church office). Tickets are free, but they are required because most performances sell out. 

Performance Dates are:

Thursday, December 14th @ 7 pm

Friday, December 15th @ 7 pm

Saturday, December 16th @ 3 pm

Saturday, December 16th @ 7 pm

Sunday, December 17th @ 3 pm

Tickets are available online and at the church office. Tickets are free of charge, but required to reserve your spot.


Cast Auditions

October 2nd & 9th

Preparation in October & November (Flexible times)

Painting props and set

Finding or creating costumes

Sewing (making/fixing costumes)

Set Decorator (finding/adding props)

Set Construction Team


Night Sky (TBD)

Contact Pastor Mike at if you're interested in helping!

Production Week Opportunities (December 8-11)

Hair & Makeup Team

Oversight/entertainment for child actors

Car Parking Team

Kitchen Team (meals for volunteers at various times)

Welcome Team (Greeters and Ushers) - 

If you'd be willing to help in one of the areas above, follow the link below to sign up.

  I'd like to serve!