Kids Sunday Services

Services are at 9 and 10:45 am (Simultaneous with main adult services)

Kids’ Church is the Sunday morning environment for K-5th graders. The service is geared just for them and includes praise and worship, games, Bible stories, characters, and much more to help them discover who God is and how He fits into their lives.

Bible Bucks

To help kids learn spiritual disciplines, we give Bible Bucks each week as a reward for different things. Kids can spend Bible Bucks right away or save them up for bigger prizes. Stop by the store at the beginning of service to get Bible Bucks each Sunday. Here’s what they earn Bible Bucks for:

Attending Kids’ Church - 1 Bible Buck

Bringing their Bible - 1 Bible Buck

Memorizing the weekly verse - 3 Bible Bucks

Completing SOAP Devotions - 5 Bible Bucks (1 for each day of devos completed)

Bringing a friend - 5 Bible Bucks

SOAP Devotions

SOAP is a Bible study method that teaches kids how to go deeper in their Bible reading. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. The weekly SOAP verses can be found in the Kidsworld Bulletin that is passed out at the end of Kids’ Church. Kids can do their SOAP Devotions by themselves or with a parent. Here’s how to complete a SOAP:

Scripture - Look up and read the verse(s) listed.

Observation - Write down one thing about the Scripture that sticks out to you. It could be something interesting or unusual or something that jumps out about the verse.

Application - Write down how the verse you read can fit into your life today. What can we learn from the verse?

Prayer - Pray that God will help you apply the verse to your life.

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