Important Information

Check-In and Pick-Up

Security and safety for kids is a top priority for us. In order to do that, each child must be registered to participate in KidsworldJr. activities.

Here are the steps for registration, check-in, and pick-up:

Step 1: Fill out a registration form with your family’s information the first time you attend Kidsworld. You can download a form here

Step 2: Give your registration form to one of our check-in volunteers and they will get you set up in our check-in system and give you a barcode for future check-in.

Step 3: Give the printed out name tags to each kid and keep the pick-up tag for yourself. The pick-up tag can be ripped in half so each parent can have a one.

Step 4: Drop your child off at his or her designated classroom.

Step 5: After the service/class, show your pick-up tag to the volunteer in your child’s classroom for pick-up.


We will use text messaging if we need to reach you for any reason while your child is in a KidsworldJr. classroom. Please be sure to leave a number when you drop your child off.

Sick Child Policy

Children play closely together in their classes and we want to make sure we keep a healthy environment for them. If your child appears to be feeling ill, please refer to the following guidelines before bringing your child to his or her class.

You should NOT bring your child if he or she has had the following symptoms within the last 24 hours:

Fever (100 degrees or higher) Diarrhea

Severe coughing

Yellowish skin or eyes Pink-eye (conjunctivitis) Lice*



Green, runny nose


Mouth sores (i.e. Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease*) Chicken Pox*

Please use good judgment about bringing your child if he or she has the following:

Sore throat

Moderate cough

CLEAR runny nose (not green)

Other cold symptoms (without a fever) Headache

Leg Pains


On antibiotic for AT LEAST 24 hours Symptom Free for the past 24 hours

Please notify the teacher if your child has a continual clear runny nose due to allergies.

If the teacher feels that your child is not well enough to be in class, you will be notified to pick up your child.

*Please notify Michelle Markwardt if your child comes down with the Chicken Pox, Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease or Lice within 48 hours of being in a KidsworldJr. classroom.

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