worship in our Church services

Corporate worship is something that we place high value on here at Willmar AG. In most of our services, we take time to focus on who God is, open our hearts to him, and listen for His voice. Music is one of the vehicles that we can use to hear from and communicate with God!. Band members, vocalists, and our Sanctuary Choir comprise our musical team that assumes leadership for drawing our church into an appropriate attitude of worship.

• Lead Worshipper Requirements (PDF)

• Worship Team Online Application

• Worship Team Lifestyle Agreement (Download)

K-CREW (kid's Worship)

Through fun experiences, meaningful music and ministry that encourages children to participate, we present Jesus Christ and His Church in a relevant way, creating moments which children will never forget.

K-Crew (our kid's worship team) is led by one or two adults and a whole swarm of 4th and 5th grade kids!

Anyone can do what we do! The simple key is to love God, love His Church and have fun!

Interested in serving as part of K-Crew? Email Eunice at pastoreunice@willmarag.org.

Epik worship teams

The youth are literally the next generation coming up through the Church, so it’s massively important to pour into, to disciple, and to bring the creativity/leadership out of each one of them to ensure the Church as a whole moves from strength to strength. 

Our Epik Worship Teams combine adults and students to comprise a powerful worship service for teens @ Epik on Wednesday evenings.


The 51th annual nights of music was a big success! Over 4,000 people poured in to see this years production is titled "A Time For Christmas", a fully staged musical that took you through time to experience Christmas through the generations. 

Auditions for 2016 begin in early September, so stay tuned!

Further inquiries about the AG Fine Arts Department? We'd love to hear from you!

Contact our Fine Arts Pastor, Mark Djerf at 320-235-2529 or email him at "pastormark@willmarag.org"