Child Check-In & Pick-Up

Security and safety for kids is a top priority for us. In order to do that, each child must be registered to participate in Kidsworld activities.

Here are the steps for registration, check-in, and pick-up:

Step 1: Fill out a registration form with your family’s information the first time you attend Kidsworld. You can download a form here.

Step 2: Give your registration form to one of our check-in volunteers and they will get you set up in our check-in system and give you a barcode for future check-in.

Step 3: Give the printed out name tags to each kid and keep the pick-up tag for yourself. The pick-up tag can be ripped in half so each parent can have a one.

Step 4: Drop your child off at his or her designated classroom.

Step 5: After the service/class, show your pick-up tag to the volunteer in your child’s classroom for pick-up.

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